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  • Church Goals for 2018

    Church Goals for 2018

     1. Replace the 20 year old sound system in the sanctuary

     2. Explore using the Living Dust band more frequently, integrated with the chancel choir

     3. Fully implement the new Rio Texas Child, Youth and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy

     4. Develop a church emergency response plan, and inform/train the congregation on the plan

     5. Better assist the UMW with funeral and family care

     6. Provide yearly evangelism training in ways which encourage attendance and involvement

     7. Move our church wide discipleship emphasis from the Fall to Spring so that new small group Bible study groups won’t fade away during the Christmas break, and have a devotion emphasis in the fall

     8. Emphasize stewardship of time, talents and treasures at times in addition to during the stewardship campaign

     9. Explore having recycling facilities at the church