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  • The Season of Lent

    The Season of Lent

    Ash Wednesday and Lent, A Time of Preparation

             The Ash Wednesday service, celebrated on February 14, is a special time to recommit ourselves to God as we strive to grow in grace, taking seriously Paul’s call to “present ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God” (Romans 12:1). The service will begin at 7 PM, includes literally nailing our sins on the cross, and concludes as palm ash (from the palms used for Palm Sunday last year) are used to draw a cross on each person’s forehead as a sign of confession, repentance, and dedication to God. 

    A New Lenten Worship Series, February 18 – March 25

    “The Great Escapes of the Bible”

    Our Lent worship series this year will focus on some of the great escapes described in the Bible, from Lot escaping Sodom and Gomorrah and Daniel escaping the lion’s den, to Peter and then Paul escaping from prisons.  Through these thrilling stories we will learn how we as Christians can face the perils of our world.  The series will start with a general introduction to Lent, and then Sunday by Sunday we will learn about God the great rescuer.