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  • What Will Heaven Be Like?

    What Will Heaven Be Like?

    Hint: It won’t be anything like this cartoon. Heaven has received a lot of attention in recent years as bestselling books and movies tell the stories of people who claim to have been there. But what does the Bible actually say about Heaven? In his book, The Real Heaven, Chip Ingram sets aside the hype and myths and digs into the Scriptures to discover what God actually wants us to know about the hereafter. Most importantly, Chip examines why our understanding of Heaven matters now, in this life. Because what we believe about heaven actually affects us today in more ways than we could have imagined.       

    Starting April 8, the Sunday after Easter, our church will begin a six week church wide worship and Bible Study venture to learn the scriptural truth about heaven, with the help of Chip Ingram’s scholarship.  We will have resources for our existing and new small group Bible studies, and we will have some copies of “The Real Heaven” for purchase.  The more we understand God’s Word about heaven, the more joy we will experience anticipating it and preparing for it here and now.