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  • Free M.A.D. Camp, June 18-22

    Free M.A.D. Camp, June 18-22

    Our M.A.D. summer children's program (Music, Art and Drama) will take place June 18-22, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM until noon. The focus will be the preparation of a wonderful musical called "Star Quest: Search for the Stolen Scriptures,” which will be performed Friday night at 7 PM.   In a galaxy far away, and in a future not too distant, the crew of spaceship J-316 is on a mission: trekking through the galaxy, bringing the Word of God to people everywhere! But there is a radical plot underway by a power-hungry ruler to erase scriptures from the galactic database. The crew of J-316 has just landed on a planet whose inhabitants still employ the age-old practice of Bible memorization. With the Word of God hidden in their hearts, they foil the evil rulers plot.  Nothing in this world or beyond could be more important than making sure God’s Word remains available to people throughout the galaxy!  Call (830) 772-3345 today to sign up your children.