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  • Free Music, Art & Drama Camp (MAD), June 24-28

    Free Music, Art & Drama Camp (MAD), June 24-28

    Our Free M.A.D. summer children's program (Music, Art and Drama) will take place June 24-28, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM until noon. The focus will be the preparation of a wonderful musical called "Danny and the Shacks,” which will be performed Friday night at 7 PM.  Come along on this Biblically-inspired, Won’t-Bend-Won’t-Bow-Won’t-Burn Babylonian epic, recounting the adventures of Daniel and his bandmates, "The Shacks" (better known to you Bible scholars out there as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!). Through it all, the powerful truth of God’s Word and the importance of being obedient and faithful to His teaching comes through loud and clear in a storyline so fantastic and faith-affirming, it could only come from the Word of God.  Call (830) 772-3345 today for more information or to sign up your children, or simply show up Monday morning, June 28.