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  • Pastor's Column

    Pastor's Column

            I need VBS.  Not all the work, but the yearly reminder that “God is Bigger than the Boogie Man,” as the VeggieTales song goes.  Heading into Vacation Bible School I am usually overwhelmed with worry: “How can I get enough volunteers?”  “Have I forgotten anything?” “Will the air conditioning break down?”  Then once again God does His thing and it all works out. 

    Often our tasks and our problems seem overwhelming, as big as all of Texas.  But the good news is God is a lot bigger than Texas.  Linda and I saw this t-shirt pictured here in a shop window on our Alaskan trip and we got a good laugh.  I picture God looking down on our worries and our problems and saying “Aren’t they cute?”  Not belittling them, or us, but simply reflecting His truth: Nothing is impossible with God, and this life is just the beginning.

    I need VBS.  I wish I was so strong I didn’t need the yearly reminder, but we live in a fallen world and troubles and worries abound.  Thank you Lord that you’re bigger than the boogie man, and thank you for the yearly reminder.

    Grace and peace,